Adventures in vegan baking


Desserts, amirite? They’re the entire purpose of eating in my opinion – get through dinner so you can get to dessert. I mean, there’s a reason I’m fat, ha.

The first dessert-type items I made in veganism were these chocolate date “truffles” (this is when I thought I’d combine going vegan with eating super healthy because I’m a crazy person, apparently). They were good, but not something you’d eat standing over the kitchen sink because you can’t wait long enough to find a plate and sit down, if you know what I mean.

I then tried these vegan brownies – not terrible, certainly better than the date balls, but still not really decadent. They were a bit light, not very fudgy, and not sweet or rich enough for me.

Then my husband came home with a treat for me. He’d paid a visit to a local place here in South London called Ms Cupcake, an entirely vegan bakery. He’d bought me 4 cupcakes – salted caramel, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry and cream, and speculoos cheesecake. They were all pretty insanely good, but the salted caramel is BLOW YOUR MIND good. I honestly could not believe it was vegan.

That’s when I started really looking into vegan baking and seeking out the good stuff online. I found a recipe tonight and wanted to try it – this lemon drizzle cake. I made it in between watching tv and it is SO GOOD. It’s like regular cake! Not “nearly as good” or “a bit healthy tasting but still ok”, but actually sweet, moist, delicious cake!

The handy thing about vegan baking is you don’t have to check if you have eggs or unsalted butter in the fridge if you want to spontaneously make a cake. Other than the fresh lemons and dairy-free milk in the above recipe, everything else is store cupboard ingredients.

I am so pleased with myself. I’m not a good baker in general – in fact, I’d venture to say I’m probably a better vegan baker than I am a regular baker, based on the evidence so far. Amazing!


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